About Our Company

Hernandez & Rosales Remodeling, LLC is an environmentally oriented company based in Atlanta, GA. We have been helping our communities with excellent professional painting and carpentry services.

Painting and Carpentry are known to be a considerable investment; therefore, it is better to leave them in the hands of true professionals.

To work in these services demands a lot of energy and attention to detail. We provide superb workmanship in all our jobs, regardless of the size. No exception to this rule! Contact us today! Our painting and carpentry services will make it possible for your property to increase not only its beauty, but also its value.

Our Services

Reasons to choose
Hernandez & Rosales Remodeling LLC

Our Vision

To be able to continue to expand.

Our Mision

To achieve our vision through hard work and excellent service, building trust and honest relationships with our clients so they will know who to call every time they need our services. 

Fully Insured

As professionals, we want to prove our seriousness, and being insured is a sample of it.

Residential Services

We have dedicated ourselves to the residential sector putting all our efforts into delivering high-quality work only.

Free Estimates

We offer detailed and customized estimates at no expense. Furthermore, your Budget is very much taken into account.

High-Quality Standards

We have excellent professional ethics that have made us establish a set of rules that we scrupulously follow so we can guarantee the best results. Best of all, what we do for work is a lovely passion.

Environmentally Oriented

At Hernandez & Rosales Remodeling LLC, we support 100% the doctrine of environmental conservation.


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